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About Us

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What is Our FLOSSophy?

We have an approach to dentistry that we affectionately call our “FLOSSophy.”

It is the belief that quality dentistry can be provided in an upscale environment with the latest technology and at affordable pricing. This belief is backed by the FLOSS staff’s commitment to make that experience happen and available to everyone. Personal comfort and unmatched professionalism placed in our state-of-the art setting will make your visits to that traditional dentist a thing of the past. You, too, will subscribe to our “FLOSSophy” and have the best that modern dentistry has to offer at in-network pricing.

The Experience

You’ll notice the difference at FLOSS from the moment you walk in the door. From the custom artwork on the wall to our friendly staff, you are immediately put at ease and relaxed. Once in the room, our satellite radio and flat screen TVs will provide a variety of entertainment options. Our staff have been personally selected and trained to provide the best customer service, and we’ve streamlined our processes to make everything simple, quick, and effortless on your part. And we know you’re busy, so we work around your schedule. From start to finish, it’s different from anything you’ve ever experienced before.


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The Latest Technology

An inviting and relaxing office means nothing if the work is less than perfect. So we’ve ensured that every office has the newest and most advanced technology available at our disposal. Like BOOST whitening, which is free once a year for patients who maintain their regular cleanings. Panoramic X-Rays allow the doctor to get a better-than-ever view inside your mouth and can even spot sinus or early cancer issues. We can even give you a better picture of your dental issues with intra-oral photography, where we can show pictures of your problem areas on a TV screen. With more information comes prevention, which is the best treatment of all.

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