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Implants For Your Lost Tooth!

Dental Implant

Dental Implants in Midtown TX

The Best Place To Get Dental Implants in Midtown Texas 77006

Dental implants are an absolute breakthrough in dentistry. In the long run, these prove to be even more cost-effective than dentures. This is because of their longevity. Dental implants can last over decades. The interesting fact about dental implants is the fact that they are bio-compatible, which means that they heal around the bone. This makes you feel like you had never really lost a tooth!

Why you should get dental implants

  1. Unlike dentures, dental implants feel absolutely natural in your mouth. It improves your speech and oral health.
  2. Implants are strong. The titanium content in dental implants makes them hard and durable.
  3. It prevents bone loss. When you have lost a tooth, the bone underneath loses its volume over time, owing to loss of stimulation. Dental implants perfectly replace your tooth and prevent bone loss in the process.
  4. Dental implants look perfect! No one would be able to tell if you had ever lost a tooth! This is because they perfectly resemble the structure and color of your natural teeth, and keeps your beautiful smile intact!

What are the types?

Depending on the type of surgery, dental implants have two types. Firstly, an endosteal implant is where a root is implanted in the jawbone, to work as the support for the crown. Second is a periosteal implant, which is performed if the patient does not have enough bone to support a root.

Depending on the material of the implant, there are titanium implants and zirconia implants. Although zirconia implants excel in their aesthetics, titanium implants are widely preferred as they come in separate pieces, and have unmatched strength.

FLOSS Dental to the rescue!

Based in Midtown, TX 77006, we are one of the most renowned dental clinics in all of Houston. Having the experience of treating innumerable patients with perfect dental implants, our elite team comprise of few of the best dentists in Houston TX.

Although we are based in Midtown, our services are extended far beyond, considering the influx of patients that we deal with, all over Houston. We understand your requirements perfectly, and carefully inspect what suits you, before we perform any sort of a dental implant.

We aim to have one of the most reliable and well-reputed clinics for dental implants in Houston to be based in Midtown itself, and FLOSS Dental is what we constantly nurture to achieve this. Visit us for your dental implant, and we would gladly prove our worth!

Reach out to us today if you want to know how much dental implants cost. Call us at (346) 214-4807 or Visit us at our dental office situated at 2707 Milam St Ste C Houston, Texas 77006.

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