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Full Mouth Implants

What are All-On-X Implants?

The commonly known "Teeth in a Day" or All-On-X procedure offers patients the opportunity for a comprehensive dental transformation within a single day. This process encompasses the extraction of remaining teeth, the placement of implants, and the achievement of a fully functional smile. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic appeal of patients' smiles, but it also rejuvenates their overall outlook on life. Many individuals grapple with severe dental issues like extensive tooth decay, deteriorating dental work, and fractured teeth. For such individuals, the All-On-X procedure emerges as the optimal solution, providing them with the means to acquire an entirely new smile and address long-standing dental concerns.

Optimal in Natural Appearance and Aesthetics:

Closely mimics the appearance and texture of natural teeth.

Permanent Fixture:

Remains in the mouth without the need for removal like dentures.

Immediate Utilization:

No extended healing periods required before you can make use of your dental implants.

Uncovered Palate:

The roof of the mouth remains free, ensuring the best chewing capability among all alternatives for replacing a full arch or full set of teeth.

Ideal for Limited Bone:

Perfect for individuals with restricted bone availability, particularly those who have been advised of insufficient bone for implants.

Elevates Your Culinary Experience:

Enhances your ability to taste and enjoy food!

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img-How It Works

How It Works

This procedure involves the extraction of any remaining teeth, the placement of 4-6 implants per arch, and the attachment of a low-profile bridge to these implants. Typically, the implants are strategically positioned at specific angles to avoid the patient's sinuses, eliminating the need for expensive bone grafts and extended healing periods.

Our doctor has enhanced the traditional All-On-X procedure by customizing it to their expertise and insights, resulting in an even more favorable patient outcome. At Indiana Dentures and Implants, we thoroughly evaluate each case and tailor our treatment to the individual patient's anatomy. Your doctor will implant between four and six implants per arch, and during the integration of implants with your jawbones and the healing of your mouth, temporary fixed bridges will be installed. Once the healing process is complete, the doctor and lab technician will craft your final teeth using zirconia. This material, significantly more robust than the typical acrylic denture teeth offered elsewhere, imparts a more natural, lifelike appearance, is more hygienic, and resists staining. Consequently, these teeth boast a longer lifespan and superior aesthetics compared to the acrylic/titanium hybrid bridges commonly found in other dental practices.

Am I a Candidate?

The majority of patients, including those previously informed of inadequate bone for dental implants, qualify for this procedure. To work around the sinuses and make use of the strongest bone available, your doctor will employ a combination of straight and angled implants. This approach typically eliminates the requirement for costly and time-consuming sinus augmentation bone grafts. During your complimentary consultation, your doctor will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether the All-On-X procedure, also known as "Teeth in a Day," is a suitable option for you.

All-On-X Cost

The cost encompasses the extraction of all teeth, an unlimited number of implants, temporary fixed teeth, and permanent fixed teeth.

Our pricing in the region is unparalleled, resulting in outstanding outcomes. This is made possible by our expert dentist overseeing the entire procedure and our skilled in-house dental lab technician. Together, they have successfully completed this procedure numerous times.

When it comes to caring for your teeth, we have you covered! Our exceptional dentist and in-house lab technician collaborate to give you the perfect smile you've always desired. In contrast to other places using acrylic denture teeth on titanium bars, we opt for zirconia because it excels in terms of appearance, durability, and stain resistance. Typically, upgrading to these materials would incur additional costs elsewhere, but here at FLOSS Dental of Houston Midtown, it's all included in our standard package.

img-All-On-X Cost

$14,995 per arch

With Acrylic Implant Bridges

Starting as low as: $295/mo *

Upgrade to Zirconia for 10 year warranty.
Conditions apply

All-On-X Dental Implants

Package Includes

Extractions, Sedation, Temporary Teeth, Final Teeth, Implants & Abutment

Frequently Asked Questions

All-On-X Procedure Timeline

The duration of the procedure typically ranges from 4-6 hours, depending on whether you are undergoing treatment for a single arch (upper or lower) or both arches (full mouth). Following the procedure, your new implants will be securely fitted with temporary bridge(s) before leaving our office. You will wear these temporary bridge(s) for 4 months, allowing sufficient time for your implants to integrate with your bone and for your jaws and gums to heal, ensuring a stable, long-term position. This healing period is crucial for achieving the closest possible fit for your final bridge(s). Subsequently, we will initiate the fabrication of your final bridge(s), involving several appointments over a 5-6 week period. During this time, you will actively participate in designing the smile you envision for your permanent teeth.

Mouth Impressions

These models serve as the foundation for crafting your temporary implant bridge(s). In some cases, a wax try-in may be recommended by the doctor, particularly if a significant number of teeth in the targeted arch are missing. This step involves creating a mock-up of your temporary implant bridge to assess factors such as bite position and aesthetics.


The process includes extracting any applicable teeth, installing implants, and affixing temporary implant bridge(s). The overall procedure usually spans a duration of 4-7 hours.

Post Op #1

The day after the procedure involves checking healing and addressing any questions you may have.

Post Op #2

Three weeks after the procedure, we remove sutures, check healing, and typically clear the patient to begin using a water flosser/WaterPik.

Impressions for Final Teeth

Four months after the procedure.

Try In

Between 5-10 days after impressions, we assess a mock-up of your final teeth. In some instances, multiple wax try-ins may be necessary. It is crucial to ensure your complete satisfaction with the wax try-ins before proceeding, as once processed, alterations are not possible. If you decide to make changes to your approved and fabricated bridge(s) afterward, a full-cost remake charge will be applicable.

Seat Final Teeth

After you approve your wax try-in(s), it typically takes 4-6 weeks before your bridge or bridges are ready to seat.

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