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IV Sedation

IV Sedation

IV Sedation in Midtown TX

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is often necessary for complex dental procedures and oral surgeries. This involves placing a small IV into your arm to deliver a safe sedative into your bloodstream. This gradually induces a sleep-like state, significantly improving your comfort and making the procedure more seamless. IV sedation is generally considered safe for most patients and is commonly advised for individuals undergoing more invasive treatments.

Why Is IV Sedation Needed?

IV sedation may be the optimal choice for you for various reasons. If you're about to undergo oral surgery or a highly intricate procedure and wish to be sedated, IV sedation is a viable option. Likewise, if you struggle to maintain stillness or relaxation during treatment, we may recommend this sedative. IV sedation can mitigate the difficulties associated with remaining still during treatment, enhancing the overall comfort for both you and our staff.


Who Is A Candidate For IV Sedation?

Most of the patients we see at our office are generally eligible candidates for IV sedation. Before suggesting any form of sedation, we perform a thorough assessment of your health and medical background. If you cannot undergo sedation, it's essential to inform us during your appointment. IV sedation is a choice accessible to both pediatric and adult patients who might need it.

What Happens During IV Sedation?

The process begins by ensuring your comfortable seating in one of our operatories. Next, a small IV is gently inserted into your arm to administer a safe and effective sedative into your system. In approximately 15 minutes, you will gradually enter a sleep-like state, after which we proceed with the necessary procedure. Following the procedure, the IV is carefully removed from your arm, and you are escorted to one of our designated recovery rooms. You will have ample time to fully awaken before leaving our office. It's crucial to have a friend or family member available to provide transportation home if needed.

If you wish to delve further into the details of IV sedation, please feel free to contact our office today. Our dedicated staff members are eager to offer additional assistance and address any inquiries you may have.

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