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Single Tooth Implants & Bridges

What are Single Tooth Implants & Bridges?

Single tooth implants and bridges provide the most efficient solution for restoring damaged or missing teeth in a specific area.

Key advantages comprise:

Natural appearance

Strong and natural chewing functionality

Secure and permanent attachment

Significant reduction in bone loss following the removal of a natural tooth or teeth

Avoidance of negative impacts on nearby teeth, as observed with other options such as bridges.

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How it Works

A dental implant is a titanium screw serving as the foundational support for replacing a tooth or teeth.

A dental implant consists of three essential components:

Implant Post (or Body):

Serving as the foundation, this is anchored in the jaw to provide stability.


This component connects the implant post and the crown.


The visible portion in the mouth, which can also be an implant bridge spanning across multiple implants.

Single Tooth Implants and Bridges Cost

Our pricing not only remains the most competitive in the region but also guarantees the finest final results. This achievement is credited to our highly skilled dentist, who manages the entire procedure from start to finish, working in collaboration with a proficient in-house dental lab technician. Together, they have flawlessly executed this procedure more times than can be quantified, ensuring expertise and efficiency.

$2,495 per arch

Starting as low as: $195/mo *

Single Dental Implants

Package Includes

Extractions, Sedation, Temporary Teeth, Final Teeth, Implants & Abutment

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Implant Timeline

The entire process usually spans 5-6 months from initiation to completion.

Implant the body and wait for 4 months for integration into the jawbone.

Uncover the implants, allowing the gums to shape correctly over a 2-week period.

Take impressions and send them to an external lab for the fabrication of the abutment and crown, a process that typically takes 3-4 weeks.

Attach the abutment and crown.

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