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Answering The Most Common Questions On Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment involves creating an access hole down to the root of the tooth to take the infected pulp and surrounding tissues out of the tooth.

Why do you need root canal treatment?

You need a root canal treatment when you have pulpitis. Pulpitis is a condition in which the pulp of the tooth is infected or damaged. The pulp is the innermost layer of a tooth. When the pulp has been exposed or infected, you need a root canal treatment to take the pulp out.

Skipping brushing and flossing and leaving a dental infection untreated are the major causes of pulpitis.

How is root canal treatment done?

For your root canal treatment, you should be prepared for the following steps:

  • The dentist will first provide sedation to ensure that the treatment is absolutely pain-free and relaxing for you.
  • An access hole will be created in the tooth, down to the root of the tooth.
  • Using files, the pulp of the tooth will be taken out along with the surrounding infected tissues.
  • The tooth might also be washed from within.
  • Temporary fillings will be applied to restore the tooth.
  • Permanent fillings will be applied in another appointment.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer is ‘no’! This is primarily because of two reasons: Firstly, you will be sedated and would be completely relaxed during your dental treatment. Secondly, the nerve tissues surrounding the pulp are damaged. This is why they would not be sensitive to pain anymore.

Is root canal treatment worth it?

A root canal treatment is mostly worth it. Once a tooth gets a root canal treatment, that tooth will never have pulpitis again, since the pulp of the tooth has been taken out. However, a tooth without a pulp becomes fragile, which is why you should protect it with a dental crown.

Are there alternatives to root canal treatment?

You may choose to get dental implants or dental bridges by getting the infected tooth extracted. Dental implants, however, are a better dental restoration option than dental bridges.

That is hopefully everything you were looking for before your root canal treatment. Is there anything to be afraid of? Absolutely no, if you choose the best dentist near you. You can get the best root canal dentist in Houston TX near you for that purpose, by just clicking here!

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