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Are You The Ideal Candidate For Tooth Extraction?

Debunking Some Myths About Tooth Extraction

There are some false myths and rumors about tooth extraction. These false rumors or myths are preventing people to get the necessary dental care they need. Therefore, let us learn the truth behind some popular myths about the procedure of tooth extraction:

  • It Is A Painless Procedure:

    Tooth extraction is not as painful as it sounds. Due to some recent advancements in modern dentistry, dentists do not allow their patients to feel any kind of pain by using various kinds of dental sedation techniques. Painkillers and instructions for aftercare are also provided to the patients for quick recovery.

  • Bleeding and Blood Clots Are Normal:

    After the extraction of a tooth, it is normal for patients to experience pain and bleeding. However, dentists use dissolvable stitches to close the wound and advise them to press a piece of cotton or gauze to encourage the formation of a blood clot.

  • Tooth Extractions Are Sometimes Unavoidable:

    It is the instinct of a dentist to save your natural tooth. There can be certain factors that make the procedure of tooth extraction unavoidable. To prevent further complications, your dentist might decide to extract the damaged tooth.

  • There Are Other Alternatives to This Procedure:

    Dentists do not always recommend this procedure for patients unless it is extremely necessary. There are also other options like endodontic treatments and root canals that can be used to treat a simple decayed tooth.

  • It Is Not The Only Option: 

    A decayed tooth, which is a little cracked or fractured, can easily be treated with various dental restorative treatments. Not all decayed and damaged teeth need to be extracted.

Is Tooth Extraction Covered By Dental Insurance?

The process of finding the right dental plan can seem very intimidating. Different kinds of dental insurance companies have various plans that cover a wide range of dental treatments, including tooth extraction. In countries like America, dental insurance companies usually cover 50 to 80% of tooth extractions. Depending on the tooth extraction procedure, the price range may between 35$ to 400$.

The importance of investing in a good dental insurance plan cannot be underestimated. Dental insurance plays a huge role in making expensive tooth extraction procedures affordable for the average American people. Therefore, choosing the right dental insurance company will encourage and motivate your family to go to the dentist for restorative and preventive dental care.

Is It The Right Option For You?

There can be various reasons for tooth extraction. Here are some factors that are capable of making you the right candidate for a tooth extraction procedure:

  • Damaged and Unhealthy Teeth
  • Overcrowded Teeth
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Infected Tooth That Can Cause Gum Diseases
  • Severely Infected Root of a Tooth
  • Alignment Issues

Finally, we hope our blog has helped you in understanding the factors that can make one an ideal candidate for a tooth extraction procedure. If you need the best dental care services in Houston, TX, then please visit our dentist in midtown at Floss Dental Houston. Our team of dentists offers the best dental care for all your dental needs.

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