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Here’s How Invisalign Can Straighten Your Misaligned Teeth Invisibly

Crooked or misaligned teeth can not only have a huge impact on your smile, but it can also have an effect on your dental hygiene. Cleaning around and in between your teeth could be difficult if they are misaligned which can cause many oral diseases. Today, orthodontic treatment has evolved a lot and Invisalign plays a huge role in aligning teeth that are crooked.

Invisalign is certainly beneficial and we are going to talk about the advantages in this post.

The Clear Aligner is Almost Invisible

Invisalign does not have visible metal brackets, unlike traditional braces. It is almost transparent and aligns your teeth perfectly.

It Can Be Removed

You don’t have to visit your dentist to get the Invisalign removed because it can be taken out easily. Therefore, you will not be restricted from eating certain foods, you can remove the clear aligner whenever you feel like.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene Becomes Easier

We have already mentioned above that Invisalign is removable due to which, brushing and flossing does not seem like a task. Brushing becomes difficult with traditional braces because the bristle of your toothbrush might not reach to certain areas. Thus, removing the trapped debris could be a problem. And when this happens, it might lead to plaque formation near the gum area which can cause periodontal disease.

Invisalign is Comfortable to Wear

It fits comfortably on your teeth and feels very light. The metal brackets in traditional braces could irritate your gums which is not the same with Invisalign.

Ways To Take Care of Invisalign

Your clear aligner can last longer if you take proper care of its upkeep. Here are a few tips which could be helpful.

  • Soak your Invisalign in a bowl of denture cleaner if you aren’t wearing it.
  • Make sure to brush it everytime you take out your clear aligner to remove the food particles.
  • Don’t use an abrasive toothpaste to clean the Invisalign, rather use an antibacterial soap, also remember to brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Brush and floss your teeth before wearing the Invisalign.
  • Don’t clean your Invisalign with hot water or else its shape can alter which will affect its fit.

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