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Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure: Steps Involved

Do you want perfectly white teeth? Have those at-home whitening kits not been working too well? They usually don’t! That is why the best way to get pearly whites is by paying a visit to the dentist. Professional teeth whitening can get you impressively white teeth in a very short amount of time. You can brighten up your smile by multiple shades within a couple of hours! Does that sound impossible?

Professional teeth whitening involves a series of small steps, each of which is done under expert supervision to get you perfectly white teeth. So how is professional teeth whitening done?

Professional teeth whitening steps

1. Pre-whitening

At first, the dentist will record the natural shade of your teeth. This will provide the dentist with an idea of how to go about the procedure, how concentrated the whitening solution has to be, and also for how long the coat would have to be left on to attain the desired shade of white for your teeth.

2. Drying the teeth

Your teeth will be cleaned (virtually polished) with pumice. This will help in drying up your teeth in the process as well. This is usually done because the whitening solution works best on a dry surface. To further keep your teeth away from any saliva, retractors would be used to keep your cheeks and tongue away from your teeth to prevent salivary interference.

3. Coating

Now comes the whitening part! Your teeth will be coated with the whitening agent and will be left there for about a couple of hours. The dentist will intervene at regular intervals during this point to check on the efficiency of the whitening solution.

4. Rinsing 

After your teeth have absorbed the whitening solution, your mouth will be rinsed to get rid of any bit of the whitening solution that might have been left behind.

5. Fluoride varnish

Some dentists even prefer fluoride varnish after the whitening session, to keep the teeth strong and keep bacteria away for a while. This helps in sustaining the newly found whiteness for a little longer! It is also necessary since after a whitening session, your teeth are likely to feel more sensitive.

How about smiling your widest for the next party? Did you know that teeth whitening could enhance looks drastically? Try professional teeth whitening and flaunt a perfectly white smile! Get the best teeth whitening dentist in Midtown TX near you open today.

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