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Modern dentures fit snugly in your mouth and are extremely comfortable. They not only restore the original state of your mouth but, also come with other benefits. We first take the impression of your lower & upper arches and then work towards constructing a well-fitted denture by sending it to the lab. It might take a certain period of time to get used to your dentures, therefore, we provide useful tips to our patients to get accustomed to the prosthetic device.

Types Of Dentures

Complete Dentures: Complete dentures are recommended for those whose teeth are missing from both maxillary and mandibular arch. It reinstates your mouth completely.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are suitable for those people who have some of their teeth missing.

While these are the common reasons why people opt to get veneers, some patients even prefer getting veneers just for the sake of enhancing their already nice smile.


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Ways You Can Quickly Get Used To Your New Dentures

  • Being able to speak properly might be one of your biggest concerns after getting a new denture for yourself. All you need to do the most is, keep practicing until you master perfection. A lot of practice will help you get used to it soon.

  • When it comes to eating with your new dentures on, start with small quantities first. Take a bite and chew from your right side first and chew the other bite from your left side to even out the pressure. This way, you will be able to get accustomed to it. Avoid hard foods during your initial days.

  • Getting adjusted to your dentures could be easy if you wear them for an adequate amount of time every day. Not wearing them for the recommended amount of time might not speed up the adjustment period.

  • You must get in touch with your dentist right away if adjusting your dentures seems like a problem even after the given time period has surpassed. You should also see your dentist if you are experiencing sore spots due to your new dentures.

Steps To Take Care Of Your Dentures

  • Brush and floss your teeth before reinserting your dentures.

  • Clean your dentures with a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid scratches.

  • You need to handle your dentures with care, so, while cleaning or brushing them, place a cloth on the sink so that they don’t break if you drop them by mistake.

  • Soak your dentures throughout the night to keep them moist.

  • Don’t clean your dentures with boiling hot water to avoid warping.

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