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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry In Houston, TX


Maximum people feel anxious before and while undergoing dental processes. It's normal to feel nervous or also scared when going for an appointment. We understand that all our patients aren't the same, and we have got great news! You can now undergo dental treatment in a relaxed, personalized approach with the help of sedation dentistry.

The common types of sedation used in the dental field are nitrous oxide, oral, and intravenous sedation. While it makes dental treatments much simpler, it is crucial for you to understand that they are not painkillers, and normal numbing medicines still prove to be vital. But sedation will make each step of your treatment more comfortable and enjoyable if you're nervous.

How does Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) work?

Nitrous oxide, at times also known as "laughing gas," is a safe, easy, and effective sedation agent that is inhaled through a mask that is applied over your nose to help you feel relaxed. Combined with oxygen, laughing gas lets you breathe normally through your nose, and just within a couple of minutes, you will start to feel the effects. You may feel light-headed or maybe a tingling in your arms and legs. A few patients say that their legs and arms feel quite heavy. Eventually, you should feel relaxed and calm. The effects of nitrous oxide vanish very fast after the small mask is taken off. People of every age from young to old may benefit from just a dose obtained simply by breathing in and out. Consult with the dentist whether nitrous oxide would be a suitable option for you.


What are the benefits of Sedation dentistry?

Relief from Anxiety

One of the most positive contributions of sedation in dentistry has been to render relief to people from their fears. All thanks to sedation dentistry, people can now relax while undergoing dental treatment.

Treatments performed with Ease

Certain surgeries are very complicated and highly invasive. They might give stress and discomfort to patients. Sedation comes in handy in those cases. It relaxes the muscles and there are some chances of gagging. Therefore, it helps the dentist to carry out the treatment with ease.

Easy to Rest

It gets usually difficult to sit still on the dental chair while the dental professional carries out the job. Dentists mostly prefer sedation in such circumstances. It helps the patient to rest.

Easy and Faster treatments

When the patient is under the effects of sedation, it makes the dentist's work easier and greatly efficient. The person will not be moving around in the dental chair or screaming during the treatment.

Pain-Less Experience

The popularity of sedation dentistry started when the requirement for a painless dental experience emerged. Certain patients are extremely afraid of invasive dental services and dental equipment and hence avoid the dentist's offices. The biggest fear, therefore, has truly disappeared from the arena of dentistry with the help of sedation.

Why choose us for pain-free dental treatments in Houston?

So many people find it a challenge to go for a visit to the dentist. Your childhood dental experience may have been an unpleasant one that restrains you still from seeing a dentist or undergoing a certain treatment procedure. Along with that, there are even a lot of people with intentions to delay dental procedures simply because they can't get rid of their anxiety. But you need not mull on those past events.

In today's era, there are several ways where you can receive your treatment without even feeling the pain. We would advise you to put an end to your worries and visit the dentist before you develop further dental issues. It is pretty evident that prolonged negligence to dental issues can result in more complex problems that will not only make you invest more money and time but can also turn out to be really painful.

So, if you have been considering booking an appointment with a dentist who offers sedation, contact Floss Dental. We will ensure that you receive your treatment in the most comfortable way possible and sweep away your distress in no time.


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