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What is Tartar Build-Up and How Can You Tell?

Tartar build-up is a common dental issue that everyone should be aware of. It’s the result of bacteria on the teeth that accumulate over time, leading to a yellowish or brownish buildup on the teeth. Tartar build-up can lead to other oral health issues, so it’s essential to be aware of the symptoms of tartar and take steps to prevent it. 

What are the Symptoms of Tartar Build-Up? 

The most obvious symptom of tartar build-up is discoloration. Your teeth will look yellow or brown, depending on how much bacteria has accumulated on them. Other signs include increased sensitivity in your teeth when eating particularly cold or hot foods, as well as irritation around your gums caused by food particles getting stuck in the tartar deposits. You may also experience bad breath due to bacteria buildup in your mouth and increased tooth decay if left untreated. 

How Can You Prevent Tartar Build-Up? 

The best way to prevent tartar buildup is through good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing twice a day and using an anti-tartar toothpaste. Regular visits to your dentist for professional cleanings can help remove existing tartar buildup and help prevent future buildup from occurring. Additionally, try reducing your intake of sugary foods as these can contribute to bacteria growth in your mouth which can lead to tartar accumulation. 


The Tartar build-up is an all too common dental issue, but thankfully there are ways you can protect yourself from developing it in the first place. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day with an anti-tartar toothpaste and flossing regularly, while also making regular trips to the dentist for professional cleanings. By following these simple steps, you can keep your teeth healthy and free from any harmful tartar buildup!


1.What are the symptoms of tartar build-up? 

Common signs that you may have tartar buildup include yellow or brown deposits on your teeth, bad breath, red or swollen gums, a metallic taste in your mouth, and receding gums. 

2. How do I prevent tartar build-up? 

The best way to prevent tartar is by maintaining good oral hygiene habits like brushing at least twice a day, flossing regularly, using an antiseptic mouthwash, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings. 

3.How can I remove tartar from my teeth? 

Tartar can only be removed by a professional dental cleaning. Your dentist will use special tools to scrape off the tartar buildup from your teeth and gums. 

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