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5 Reasons Why Invisalign ® is Your Best Orthodontic Treatment Option

Recently, Invisalign ® has become increasingly popular among those who need orthodontic treatment to straighten or align their teeth. Invisalign ® may even make the orthodontic braces redundant over the next few years. So, what’s the key reason why so many people around the world turn from conventional orthodontic braces to Invisalign ® quickly?

Invisalign ® has several benefits that can not be discussed all at once. From being transparent to being comfortable, Invisalign ® has drawn an overwhelmingly large number of young students and professionals whose appearance in their everyday lives can not be compromised. Besides that, there is more to Invisalign ® which can make it your best option for orthodontic treatment.

Invisible to the eye

One of the main reasons why young students and professionals switched to Invisalign ® is because those simple aligners are hardly noticeable by anyone. When you smile, there are no brackets and wires to show, while you can flaunt your natural smile because Invisalign ® is still on to straighten your teeth.

Comfortable to wear

Invisalign ® is made from solid, lightweight plastic. That provides a smooth surface for the aligners. Traditional orthodontic braces have brackets and wires which are uncomfortable to wear for about 2 years for many patients.


Invisalign ® is removable, so you can remove them whenever you eat or whenever you just want to take them out. So long as you wear the clear aligners for 22 hours a day, the treatment will still be successful. There’s no problem with food particles getting stuck in your aligners and you can even remove your aligners when you need to brush or floss.

Shorter treatment time

Invisalign ® procedures typically take 12-18 months to straighten your teeth, while in some cases you can repair your smile in 6 months! It can take up to 2 years or more for conventional orthodontic braces to achieve the desired smile.

Computerized treatment

With Invisalign ® treatment, you can get to the outcomes of your treatment. This is because the entire treatment is computerized and the predicted results are visualized on a computer after each month of the procedure. This is one of the basic reasons why you’d want to be replacing your old aligners with these new clear aligners. You get clear indications that the treatment works for you!

Just as it is true that Invisalign ® outshines traditional orthodontic braces, it is equally true that there are occlusions that are treatable by traditional braces only. So, how do you know if the Invisalign ® treatment is right for you? There’s just one way to learn. To get your appointment, visit the best Invisalign ® care dentist near you in Houston TX. While COVID-19 is not known to be caught through constant opening and wearing of Invisalign, it is better to be cautious and keep your aligners in a clean and safe place when not in use.

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