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dental implant treatment

What Should You Expect During Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants have emerged as one of the most advanced tooth replacement methods. It comes with many benefits, making it a preferred choice among those who are not comfortable with removable dentures. Dentures are also hard to maintain and are inconvenient for many, causing problems speaking and chewing. However, dental implants treatment by a Houston dentist are a permanent and excellent replacement for your missing tooth. The blog discusses what dental implants are, the benefits of dental implants over dentures, and the treatment process. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are composed of titanium screws that will be embedded into the jaw bone. Once the healing period is completed, also known as the osseointegration process, a prosthetic tooth, such as a dental crown, will be placed onto the area of the missing or lost teeth.

The osseointegration process is necessary since it is during this phase that the new bone cells begin to grow around the newly placed implant post. It plays a crucial role in holding the post so that it doesn’t even move a fraction. It is one of the key characteristics that make dental implant treatment a safe, durable, strong, and permanent solution for your missing teeth compared to dentures with the possibility of slipping or sliding from their position.

The bonding process makes sure that the dental implants are strong enough to hold the teeth replacement. Furthermore, dental implants by a dentist in Houston can be used for supporting crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Why Should You Prefer Dental Implants Over Other Alternatives?

Dental implants look like natural teeth and feel and function like natural teeth. The complete functionality of your teeth is restored using dental implants. Thus it not only restores your teeth but also restores your happiness. A missing tooth can cause various problems such as facial sagging, speaking, difficulty chewing food, etc.

A missing tooth can also lead to low self-esteem, and low confidence, and people tend to avoid meeting people or events thinking of the embarrassment their missing teeth may cause them. Furthermore, dental implant treatment also provides enhanced support for the cheek and lips.

The Treatment Process

You should consult the best dental implant dentist in Houston, who will closely examine your mouth to determine whether you are eligible for it. You will have to explain your medical history and the list of medications you are presently taking if any. If eligible, x-rays, CT scans, photographs, and digital impressions of the teeth will be taken as part of the initial treatment.

If you feel nervous, let your Houston dentist know about it so they can consider sedation dentistry to reduce your dental anxiety and ensure that the entire procedure takes place without any hassles. You should also properly follow the aftercare tips as instructed by your dentist in Houston, which is essential in ensuring that the healing process takes place quickly.

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